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Meet our Team

Katie Horn





Abigail Robinson


Lead Advisor

Though working in Algoma is Abigail's first teaching job, she has definitely made a difference already. Abigail always makes sure to include everyone and loves connecting with new community members. Helping start-up AVA is just one of the things she has helped with to put Algoma on the map.

Penny Lemberger



Though teaching in Algoma wasn't Penny's first teaching job, she definitely enjoys the work. She graduated from UW Platteville and is now in charge of outdoor planting, aquaponics, hydroponics, and more. Penny enjoys the community of Algoma and loves to make new connections everyday.


Matt Abel



Matthew is constantly helping students with projects, demonstrations,and safety regulations. He graduated from UW Platteville with a degree in Construction Management. Matthew also enjoys talking to and working with all of his coworkers.


Elisabeth Klumpyan



Elisabeth Klumpyan



After Elisabeth graduated from St. Norbert, she started teaching in Algoma as her first official teaching job. She focused on educating people about social studies and sometimes incorporates current events. Elisabeth even enjoys taking walks by the lake, as it's one of her favorite things about Algoma.

Ollie Horn


School Dog

Ollie is a great asset to Venture Academy. He is a certified therapy dog, who is a great friend to all. Ollie loves treats, hanging out, and celebrating successes with the rest of the team.


Avery Robinson

Social Work intern  

Avery is the Social Work intern who helps the teachers such as his sister Abigail in any way that he can. Avery graduated from University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a bachelors in Social Work and he is currently working towards his masters. before going to college, Avery worked at his grandpa's car dealership in Algoma. one of Avery's favorite things about Algoma is how diverse the people of Algoma are.

Partner Profiles
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